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The Cake Boutique

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Boutique Chic: PPD Cocktail Napkins

Napkins are a necessity for most why not have cute, clever, silly, fun napkins! After, attending a cocktail party that had these, I just had to look into them to having them at my next party. Today's Boutique Chic item is a line of cocktail napkins- they come in a variety styles for young and old. Most are adorned with cute or funny sayings, artwork, some even have elegant designs that are perfect for an type of gathering or occasion. I love featuring items that are not only chic but practical as well.  Here at The Cake Boutique we sell a bunch of options! Check out a few options below and for just $5.99 they are not only cute but affordable too! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Cake Server

Trying to think of a gift for an engagement party or bridal shower? A great gift for an engaged couple is  a cake server for their wedding. Not only will this gift be sentimental and can be used for the actual wedding and cake cutting but it could be used in the couples homes for years to come.

Check out the two beautiful options available at The Cake Boutique.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Ordering Detailed Cakes

When it comes to ordering detailed cakes, or when you have a very specific image in your mind of what you are looking for, it is best to actually set up an appointment or go into the bakery to place your order. Having a consultation with your cake designer where you can bring pictures or color swatches and get a chance to actually see the order form is best when you have a very specific idea in mind. Ordering via email or even sometimes over the phone is much more difficult to translate an idea you may have in your head.  Dealing with emails, you are not sure who is looking at them or if the details are getting to the person that they need to. Also, it is important to remember that your cake designer is the expert. They do this everyday and they know what is feasible, sometimes what you envision might not work out or theirs is a better option. If you aren't getting the answers you are looking for make sure you have done your research because not all bakeries are equipped to make certain types of cakes( i.e. fondant, large shaped, 3d elements) At the end of the day, a face to face conversation is the best way to translate your detailed order and the best way to avoid miscommunication!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Cake Friday: FALLing in Love

When this client brought us their event invitation we were very excited. The invitation included heart shaped leaves so we chose to design a cake that had a tree of love theme. This cake would be great for a fall wedding, engagement cake, or bridal shower. Take a look how it took shape......

First, brown, tan, and ivory fondant
 are roughly kneaded together. 
Both the bottom and top tier are covered.
Using a smoothing tool the
 fondant is smoothed out.
The top tier is stacked and doweled.
Wood grain is hand painted using
black, and white food coloring.
Tan food paint is dry brushed on to add texture.

Shading is added to add depth. 
Next, a heart is cut into the bottom of the cake.
The same heart is cut out of tan to be placed
 into the heart hole on the cake.
Using a touch of water the heart is
placed into the hole on the cake.
Meanwhile, fall colors are
 mixed together to create leaves.
The couples initials are painted on to
 look like a wood carving. 
The fall colors are used to cut
out hearts to look like leaves.
The heart leaves are placed into
 an egg container to dry. 
Using a touch of water the
leaves are placed on the cake.
Using a mold a rope border is created.
The border is dusted with an edible gold luster.
The border is attached with a touch
of water at the base of each cake.
Some of the leaves are dusted with the gold luster.
They are added to the cake mixed
 in with the first heart leaves.
The finished product!!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boutique Chic: Papaya Sticky Notes

It never fails. I have ten different packs of different sized post-it-notes, but when I need them they are nowhere to be found! It is like the sock monster in the dryer....where they go I'll never know. Which is why when I stumbled upon this weeks featured Boutique Chic item I had to have it! As a teacher, post-it notes are a life saver, as with any student, secretary or any other office job.  These sticky notes are packaged in an envelope with a small magnet closure, which makes them great to throw into a backpack or a briefcase. With over 480 sticky notes in three different shapes there is one for every occasion. Not to mention the eight pads can be removed for easy use. Now you must be thinking how do sticky notes qualify as boutique chic?! It's simple, these sticky note aren't just ordinary they are works of art. Each pack is a different theme with multiple beautiful designs. With Christmas around the corner, stop in at The Cake Boutique to pick up a pack for your favorite student or teacher because I know these won't last long!
Neatly packaged in an envelope for easy travel.

Multiple sizes, styles and themes.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Save your Cake- Freezing your Wedding Cake

Freezing your wedding cake to eat on your one year wedding anniversary is an age old tradition. I started thinking.....when and why did this tradition start, it seems like an odd thing to freeze a cake for a year. After, researching I found some very interesting facts. This tradition started in the 19th century during a time when the sole purpose of marriage was to procreate. Lets face it, birth control options weren't as they are today and many couples were welcoming their first bundle of joy 9 months after their wedding night. Which would make their one year anniversary a great time to have a christening and serve their frozen wedding cake. Although, the traditional reason for freezing part of your wedding cake doesn't ring true it is still a popular idea, as it is a great time to reminise about a couples special day on their anniversary. When it comes to deciding what to do when you get married there are a few things to keep in mind.
1. If you are choosing to freeze the top tier of your wedding cake be sure your bakery is aware so they have a cake large enough to feed the rest of your guests.
2. When it comes time to actually freeze your cake first put it in the freezer without any wrapping. Once it freezes tightly wrap it in plastic wrap (being sure there are no air bubbles). Then place it back in the box and into the freezer (you can even wrap the box as well). When it is time to defrost the cake first remove the plastic wrap and then place it in the refrigerator rather than placing out a room temperature to prevent your cake from becoming soggy. Once it gets to the right temperature place it out and let it finish defrosting. The goal is to not defrost your cake to quickly and ruin the cake.
3. Certain cakes are better than others for freezing an re-eating a year later. However, if eating year old cake doesn't appeal to you, you could freeze and have it just a month later on your one-month anniversary. If freezing a cake at all doesn't sit well make the plan to discuss with your baker an option of ordering your anniversary cake. You could choose to order the same cake at the bakery your wedding cake was from to enjoy fresh the next year.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Tiers or Layers do you know the Difference?!

We find most often that when customers are ordering cakes they use the word "layer" and "tier" inter-changeably and don't know the difference between the two.  Not all bakeries make tiered cakes which is often why people confuse the term with layer when they order. The easiest way to remember is that layers are a part of a single cake and layered cakes make up a tiered cake.  Here at The Cake Boutique all of our cakes are 3 layers of cakes with a layer of filling(buttercream) between each layer. Each of those layered cakes are stacked to make our tiered cakes.

This cake here is one tier with three layers. 
This cake is two tier (inside each tier is 3 layers of cake)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Cake Friday: Pink, Purple and Castles too!!!

Every little girl just want's to be a princess. For this little Princess's birthday we created the perfect cake....a PINK CASTLE! Take a look at how this castle came to be.....

First the center of the castle is covered
in pink fondant and smoothed out.
The excess fondant is trimmed
with a pizza cuter.
Dowels are placed in the base
cake to support the upper tier.
The top tier is stacked and a
 center dowel is added.
A door is cut with white fondant and using
 a tool wood grain is added for texture.
With a touch of water the
 door is attached to the cake.
Swirling a fondant rope an "A" is created
 to represent the birthday girls name.
Next, long lavender ropes are created to attach ice
cream cones to the previously made towers.
With a touch of water the cones are secured.
The tips of the cone are cut off so flags can be added.
Triangle flags are hand cut.
Small fondant 4's are created with swirls and put on
 the flags to represent the birthday girls age.
Small lavender fondant is rolled into pebbles to be
added to the base of the cake to look like stone.
With a touch of water glitter is added to
some of the stone for an added SPARKLE. 
Swirling fondant rope a boarder
 is created for the cake.
The are attached with a touch of water.
This Castle cake is finished and perfect
 for the little princess you know!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Boutique Chic: Animal Print Plates

What's more trendy and popular right now than animal print?! Whether it is clothing, shoes, bags, or accessories, animal print is everywhere. It is even popular in the kitchen! From my leopard spatula, to my giraffe and zebra wine glasses I am loving the touch of whimsical and fun in the kitchen. When I found these appetizer and dessert plates I knew that they belonged in my cabinet and yours too! These delightful set of 4 leopard or zebra dessert/appetizer plates are sure to make a statement at your next gathering. Each square plate features a vibrant leopard print or fun zebra print. They even come gift boxed which makes them great for house warmings or bridal showers! These plates are available at The Cake Boutique- but get them fast because they won't last long!!
Price: $19.99


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Dummy Cake Secret

       I wouldn't be surprised if you have attended a wedding in which the cake had a secret..... that it wasn't a cake at all.  We call cakes that are made of Styrofoam or partially Styrofoam are known as dummy cakes. Dummy cakes are a great option for many reasons.
       First, if you like the look of a larger multi tiered cake, but are having a smaller wedding or have a small budget it is a great way to go. You could have some tiers of actual cake and some dummy cakes. This way you can achieve the look of a larger cake without the larger price tag. One of the main reasons dummy cakes are less expensive then real cakes is the bakery doesn't have the time constraints they would have if the entire cake were real. When working on a dummy cakes detailed parts of the cake can be done ahead of time, therefor giving the bakery the time to focus on other projects. 
       You could also have a dummy cake along with sheet cakes (that are cut in the kitchen and served to your guests). This is a great options because at some bakeries dummy cakes are cheaper option because they allow the bakery to work on them at their own timing they are less labor intensive to stacking and filing multiple cakes. If you want to still be able to cut into you cake you could have one tier cake and the rest dummy. 
        These are just a couple of ways to incorporate a dummy cake into your wedding. If you think a dummy cake is for you, remember to ask your bakery what they recommend. Not all bakeries work with dummy cakes so you may have to shop around to find the right bakery that can make your dream cake!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tip Tuesday: How to Acquire an Estimate

Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, wedding, shower, or another occasion, finding the perfect cake with the perfect price tag is optimal. When seeking a price quote at most bakeries that do specialty cakes, pricing depends on the amount of servings and overall design of the cake. When acquiring a price the key factors are the amount of people, whether you are doing a tiered cake or one single cake, the type of icing on the outside (fondant/buttercream), and the overall design. Sending this information along with a photo is the best way for a bakery to provide you with an approximate price. Most prices are ballpark, for when you actually order the cake small changes can effect the price. If you do not have an actual picture and are acquiring for a rough idea via email or phone without actually going over the fine details, the price will also be ballpark. If you are seeking a quote check out this quick checklist to make sure you are sending the bakery all the important information to get the most accurate quote possible.

1. How many people are you looking to feed?
2. Are you interested in a tiered, shaped, or single tier cake?
3. What flavor fillings are you interested in?
4. What type of base icing would you like, fondant or buttercream?
5. What type of decorations and over-all design?
6. Do you have a photo or photos of something similar?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Cake Friday: Black-White-Elegant

For 5oth birthdays we have done everything from fun, bright cakes to classic cakes. For this weeks cake friday cake we were given three simple words Black-White-Elegant. Take a look at what we came up with......   
The top and bottom tiers of the cake
were covered in white fondant.
Next, black fondant cut into long ribbons
were added at the border of each cake.
Black fondant is rolled into "snakes."
The ends are rolled in opposite
 directions to create a swirl.
The many swirls are attached with a touch
of water in a circular pattern on the base tier.
A "broach" is created in the center as a focal
 point with black fondant and a polka dot.
Two black strips are pinched and set to form a bow.
Two more strips are cut at the edges and placed
 on the cake to create legs for the bow.
With added support the bow is
 placed on the top of the cake. 
A rounded piece of white fondant is added to the
broach and dusted with a pearlized luster dust.
Using a long "snake" of white fondant a letter "L"
is added to highlight the birthday woman's name.