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Friday, August 29, 2014

Chevron: The Latest Cake Trend

Lately, in the cake world, chevron has been the hottest trend! What I love about chevron is its versatility!  Geometric patterns on cakes make a great focal point or accent tier. Whether it is a bridal shower, baby shower, 1st birthday, young girls birthday, engagement, birthday, or wedding- chevron is making an appearance. Check out some pinterest finds I came across, as well as, some fantastic chevron cakes we made here at The Cake Boutique- which is your favorite?!

Rainbow Chevron for a 1st birthday!

Chevron works well with boy or girl religious cakes 

A great way to incorporate wedding colors
 for a bridal shower is CHEVRON!

Another gorgeous bridal shower cake!

How sweet is this chevron baby shower cake?!

Yes, wedding cakes work great with chevron too.

This wedding cake is WOW with the chevron touch!

Engagement cakes look great with chevron too!

Sparkles + Chevron= best Sweet16 EVER

Little boys love chevron too!

And of course little girls!

Simple. Classic. Chevron 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fondant 911's and How to Fix Them

Working with fondant takes a lot of practice and it can be frustrating when cracks, bubbles, or holes occur. Even professionals that work with fondant on a daily basis can run into issues, but the best thing about fondant is that in most cases it can be fixed with minor adjustments. So don't fret or call 911 when these issues occur simply try some of our easy fix it tips.

1. Dry Fondant: Fondant will dry out quickly! If your fondant seems to dry add a bit of crisco and knead your fondant til it is smooth and easy to work with. If you have hard bits of fondant resulting from fondant being left out or not in an air tight container, it is best to start with a new piece.

2. Fondant layer is not Smooth: To prevent this issue from happening, first be sure to trim and even out your cake(don't forget to "dirty ice"). Your cake should be smooth without lump, holes, protruding edges or creases. If your cake is imperfect your fondant layer will reflect this. Next, be sure that your fondant isn't too thin- if your fondant is too thin it will  show all the existing imperfections of the cake.

3. Fondant Cracks/Rips: Cracking or tearing can occur if fondant is too thin or thick. If the crack or rip is too large it is best to remove it and use a new piece. Once pulled off the fondant will likely have bits of icing or cake hence needing a new piece. If the crack or rip is on the smaller side, you can smooth the edges with your fingertips. If large, place a small piece of fondant in the hole and smooth edges with your fingertips coated in shortening. Then strategically place a decoration on this spot or make this spot the back of the cake if possible.

4. Air bubble or Budge: You just covered your cake and it seems perfect- then WHAM a bulge/air bubble appears out of nowhere. Air bubbles are caused when air gets trapped between the cake and fondant or the fondant is not properly adhering to the cake. If you notice the air bubble soon before your fondant has hardened simply use a pin to "pop" the bubble and use your fingertips to gently push the air out. If the bubble is near the base of the cake you can use an offset to "break the seal" and releases the air by smoothing it to the bottom of the cake. If the budge is not discovered until after the fondant has harden try the same technique, however, you will need to hide the mark that will remain with a decoration.

5. Sweating Fondant: This can occur if your fondant is stored in the refrigerator or on a humid day. It can also occur if you cover your cake when it is too cold. Let your cake come to room temperature prior to covering. If possible work in a "dry environment" and once your cake is covered it can be stored in a cool place.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Post Order Follow Up

Like many details in your wedding, booking your bakery happens months in advance before your wedding day. Between the time you place your order and the big day the bakery you are working with has taken countless orders and most likely meet with numerous couples about their big day. Although, bakeries take detailed orders it is always a good idea to call a week or two before your wedding day to refresh your order and confirm delivery details. Each bakery has their own system for delivery, however, it doesn't hurt to confirm all these last minute details in advance!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tip Tuesday: Expand Your Palette

Here at The Cake Boutique we have 5 basic flavors daily including your vanilla, chocolate and red velvet options. These flavors are typically our most popular, however, we always have a seasonal and weekly flavor. These flavors are unique. They have covered everything from bubble gum to margarita.  Although, these flavors don't appeal to everyone they are uniquely delicious. It is the age old lesson your mother told you- "you don't know unless you try it". I typically do not like fruit mixed with desserts. Surprisingly my favorite flavor is lemon poppy and I would have never expected to like it. My challenge to you is that every cupcake box you buy choose 1 flavor that you typically wouldn't choose and give it a try. There are so many more options than vanilla and chocolate! Broaden your horizons! :)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Cake Friday: Baby Reveal Trend

Social media is being bombarded these days with cute ways to announce special moments in ones life including engagements, baby announcements, and even gender revels. Working at a bakery we too are a part of this trend. Here at The Cake Boutique we get to share in these special moments when we make cakes, cake pops, and cupcakes to help in the announcements.  Some of my favorites are making gender revel items. Some couples bring us an envelope from their doctors so they too get to be surprised when they cut or bite into the center of their dessert, where as, others have a private moment first then share the surprise for their guests with a dessert. Sometimes we fill cakes with colored buttercream or other times we dye vanilla cake pink or blue to reveal the gender. One of my other favorite techniques is when we fill the center of the cake with pink or blue candies that spill out when the couple cuts into the cake. Not only can we do gender reveal cakes we can also create pink or blue stuffed cupcakes or cake pops with pink or blue cake! Here are just a few of my favorites that we have done!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Realistic Budgets: Sweet 16 Cakes!

Sweet 16 cakes are vastly different, however, they are commonly marked with bright, bold colors and patterns. Although, they may all be bright and patterned they come with very different price tags. Can you guess the realistic budget you would need to recreate the following sweet 16 cakes? All the answers will be found at the bottom of this blog….good luck! 

This 3 tier black covered fondant and
 hand piped cake serves about 50 quests. 

This cake too serves 50 guest, however it is a
buttercream base with fondant accents.

Another buttercream based cake- this
one however serves about 70 guests.

This topsy turvy fondant cake is the largest
of the bunch and would serve about 80 people.

Cake # 1:Between the fondant and hand piping details this cake would be about $375+. 
Cake # 2: This 3 tier cake is a buttercream base and has many glittery stars on it- it would be about $250+ and is the cheapest of the bunch!
Cake # 3: This cake is buttercream based which will help bring the cost down, however, there are many detailed designs on this cake, therefore it would cost about $275 to recreate. 
Cake # 4: Topsy Turvy is a much more difficult and time consuming cake as each tier is hand carved. Not only is this a shaped cake the patterns are more detailed. This cake would cost in the ballpark of $500+. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Keeping Important Guests Included

The moment you say I do, the first dance, and cutting the wedding cake are all major events to ones special day. These are moments and memories that you and your guests will have for a lifetime. Every bride and groom wants to share these moments with the special people in their lives, although sometimes it is just not possible. Whether you are having a destination wedding, an out of town wedding, have relatives in the service, or hospital or when things just come up and important guests are unable to attend your wedding it can put a damper on your day- but it doesn't have too! I recently came across this company Dropcam and their #PreppinForTheBigDay campaign. Dropcam is actually a home security and surveillance company, however, they also can provide live stream for major events. This is a great way for the guest who are unable to attend your big day to still be able to see it and be there in spirit with you.
Now, Uncle Ted will be able to see you smash your wedding cake into your grooms face while it actually happens- pretty cool ! Don't forget to drop in and check out their website at

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tip Tuesday: How to obtain a Price Quote

These days it is quite simple to come across thousands of photos of cakes made by cake decorators all over the world. Some bakeries will recreate images of cakes, where as, other do not. If you are looking to have a cake recreated but first are curious what that cake cost there are a few pieces of information that are important to bakeries. Each bakery has there own system for pricing a cake. Some strictly use number of servings, others use the complexity of the design, others have set prices. No matter the bakeries system there is some important information they will need to price you out. First, the number of servings you need the cake to be, so they can choose the appropriate size. Next, the design of the cake- either send over a photo or describe what it is, design wise, that you are looking for. Lastly, the flavors and fillings you are considering. Some bakeries have up charges for certain flavors and fillings. Oh and don't forget to tell them when you need the cake! With these 4 items most bakeries will be able to give you a ballpark price quote.

Often we will have customers ask for prices for "custom" cakes, however, won't provide any of the above information. Without this information it is nearly impossible to give a price. So next time you call your local bakery - do your homework! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Featured Creator: Meet Emily Parry- Pastry Assistant

Meet Emily

The featured creator of the day is Emily Parry. Emily came to The Cake Boutique as an intern in the spring. We have now taking her on full time as a baking and pastry assistant. Emily attending Johnson and Wales in Rhode Island where she attained her degree in Baking and Pastry. Throughout culinary school and her experience here at The Cake Boutique, Emily has made many different types of desserts. Her favorite thing to make however, is ICE CREAM- who doesn't love ice cream?! If you were to attempt to make ice cream at home, Emily recommends exploring different flavors-you would be surprised how random flavors can be AMAZING. "I once made a lavender infused and it was surprisingly delicious." If she is making cake however, her favorite icing and cake combination is chocolate buttercream and chocolate cake….yes we have a chocoholic on our hands.

Of all the cakes she assisted in creating her favorite was a wine themed cake we recently did. "I enjoyed how just simple round balls of fondant put together could make an amazing cake!" 

A few words of advice from Emily is "Clean as you go!" Baking is a lot easier and safer in a clean environment. "Besides there is nothing worse then being tired after baking and having a HUGE pile of dishes to do!" 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

I was honored to be nominated to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, like many people around the world ALS touched my life. I lost my grandmother, Sophia to ALS a few years ago and raising money and awareness has always been very important to me. I enlisted my family here at The Cake Boutique to help me complete this challenge (including Lori who usually is the writer of the blog, today you have me, ALEXANDRA!!) Anyways, I am challenging my brothers at The Harrison House diner to complete this challenge, they have 24 hours to complete the challenge! By doing the Ice Bucket Challenge we will be donating to the ALS foundation and will continue to raise money for the rest of the month. I encourage everyone to either donate or have some fun and participate in the challenge, I NOMINATE YOU!!! Let's help raise awareness and get a step closer to learning more about ALS and hopefully one day finding a cure!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Welcome Bags

I have been to many weddings recently of college friends who have relocated all over the country for jobs, significant others, and just on whims. So when it is their special day I pack my overnight bag and heels and head out. There is nothing better than a Wedding Welcome Bag when you arrive at the hotel to make your stay more comfortable and more personable. Recently, I attended a friend's wedding in Lancaster PA. Included in the Wedding Welcome Bag was all local items. A whoopee pie from a local bakery, Lancaster caramels, chips made at a local factory along with other 'in a pinch' items. The local items gave the bag such a personal touch and made me feel like I got a taste of the city on my short overnight visit. If you are creating Wedding Welcome Bags consider shopping local- local desserts, local snacks, and anything else unique to your area!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Pinterest Picks: Take 2

Since our Pinterest picks have been a fairly popular blog- I decided to share a second round with you. Today, I am sharing some pins that I have pinned this past week and the cost to create them. You may be surprised at how costly some cakes are to recreate. Many things you find on pinterest actually took that person HOURS to make. 

I love nonpareils on a cake, but what I love most is the
coloring of this cake not to mention the
flowers on top. To recreate this cake
the cost would be $185+. 
How cute are these cake pops!? I have seen many cake pops
 out there that are extremely time consuming and would be
very expensive. What I love about these is you get
 the idea and theme across and they are rather simple.
These cake pops would only be about $2.75 ea!

Just like the last pin, I love how simple and cute these are-
 and did I mention how darling they look displayed on the cake stand?!
For about $2.75ea too! 

Do I need to explain why I love these?! Macaroons= delish,
Chocolate chip cookies= yum, Cookie Monster= adorable, all this mixed= genius!
For about $2.75 ea you could have these made :)

I just love the baby giraffe here! I also really like the tall 8"
cake with a 6" topper. This cake would cost about $275+ to recreate.
Again- I love the shape of this cake! This cake is much simpler
than the last and would cost about $195+ to recreate.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Staff Pick: Lemon Poppy Cupcakes

This month at The Cake Boutique our cupcake's of the week are our staff favorites….and of course we are starting off with my favorite! Not only is the Lemon Poppy Cupcake my favorite it is two other staff members favorite as well. This lemon poppy cupcake is topped with a ring of vanilla buttercream filled with a tangy yet sweet lemon glaze- need I say more! YUM you must stop in this week before they are gone.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Custom Invitations & Matching Cakes

Just like matching a birthday cake to the party invitation it is great way to bring cohesion with your wedding by matching elements of your cake to your invitation. We have done wedding cakes with anchors that matched the invites, as well as cakes with peaches that matched the invite. When attending your consultation remember to bring along your invitation, color swatches, and inspiration pictures to help in the wedding cake design process. Recently, I came across this great company that does custom invitations for all occasions and the best part is they are handmade and affordable! Personal touches like these are something that make your big day special! Check out a few photos of The Handford Collections Work:

When Contacting them make sure to mention The Cake Boutique and this blog post to get your free sample!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Emily's Pinterest Picks

For today's blog I took a look at Emily's, one of our baking and decorating assistants pinterest. She had a ton of cute cakes that we would LOVE to recreate. When it comes to pinterest she says, " I love it and hate it. It is great because it inspires creativity and ideas that you may not have thought of on your own, however, some things are just out of reach. They are either too difficult for an average joe to make at home or they are realistically WAY out of budget for many people to have made for them." 

We do a lot of rosette cakes, but this is the first I have
 seen with rosette to look like a bridal gown…
it would be the cutest shower cake! This would only be about  $95+ to recreate.

"I love how the bottom of this cake has a geometric pattern.
This pattern would be VERY time consuming but I still love it!"
 This cake would cost $250+ to recreate. 

I love the black touches on this wedding cake. It is simple and elegant-
 it would work for a birthday, shower, or wedding! If you used it for a wedding
 to serve about 80 the cost would be about $800+. 

We do a lot of cakes with nonpareils, however, we haven't
done any toppers- I love the topper and bow on this cake- it just finishes it off.
For a 10" 6" this cake would run about $175+ to recreate.

"Both chevron and ruffles are huge right now…I love that this cake combines both!"
For this  cake to feed about 50 the cost to recreate would be $315+.