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The Cake Boutique

Friday, May 30, 2014

Cake Friday: This is how REAL cakes are made!

Do you have a friend that makes cakes "from scratch," however, come to find out that they use a box mix? You may also be surprised to learn that some bakeries essentially do this as well. Many purveyors offer cake mixes or other dessert bases in large quantites. Here at The Cake Boutique, we actually make our cakes "from scratch" using only quality ingredients. Take a look at the process of making red velvet cake here at The Cake Boutique... 

First, cocoa and sugar are weighed out.
Next, many eggs are cracked and inspected to insure no shells make their way into the batter.

The eggs are added to the previous
 ingredients in the mixer.

Next, flour is weighed out.

Next, red food coloring is added to the egg mixture in the bowl.

Baking soda is weighed out.
Vanilla is added to the mixture.

Oil is weighed out.

And a splash of red velvets secret
ingredient is added…vinegar!

The oil and vinegar is added to the mixing bowl.

Next, goes in the buttermilk.

The dry ingredients are added.

The batter is placed into a piping bag.

Lastly, the batter is piped into the appropriate
pans for that days orders and baked off  to enjoy!
And that is how REAL cakes are made!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Realistic Budgets: Bridal Shower Cakes

Today's edition of Realistic Budgets we have a range of beautiful bridal shower cakes. All of the following cakes are 10" & 8" and serve about 40-50 guests.  Although, these cakes are all the same size the level of difficulty and labor involved ranges. Take a look …can you guess which cakes are more labor involved and therefore more expensive. At the bottom of this blog you will see the actual ballpark prices listed. 

This cake has a smooth buttercream base and fresh flowers.
Can you guess the price?

The top tier of this shower cake is simple smooth
fondant, offset by the bottom ombre ruffle tier.

This buttercream base cake is Alice in Wonderland inspired
 complete with an edible tea cup, clock and flowers.

How about this animal print fondant bridal shower cake
 complete with a large gum paste flower- can you guess the price?!

This rustic buttercream bridal shower cake is
 finished off with hand made ruffle flowers and burlap. 

This all fondant little black dress cake has a beautiful bow
and damask pattern on the top tier and a cute black dress on the bottom.

Cake #1: Buttercream and fresh flowers is a much less expensive route to go than having time consuming, labor intensive gum paste flowers made. Many customers bring us the fresh flowers, so with flowers brought in the ballpark price would be $90-$125. You could expect to add $20-$60 for fresh flowers on this size cake(depending on the flowers).

Cake #2: Ruffle cakes are a very time consuming design-that tier alone would likely take 2-3hours therefore the price of this cake would be in the ballpark of $225-$275. 

Cake #3: This adorable Alice in Wonderland themed shower cake had many elements that have to be made during the cake making process only the tea cup can be done in advance(time to dry), since this cake has a buttercream base it is a bit cheaper than a fondant cake would be. In a 10" 8" this cake would be about $225-$275.

Cake #4: Animal print especially cheetah which has to be hand painted is a more labor intensive technique. The flower on this cake in this size would likely take a week to two weeks start to finish. You could expect to pay in the ballpark of $255-$300.

Cake #5: Buttercream base cakes are a less expensive option. However, with the burlap border a protective base has to be added under the burlap. Thus this cake ranges about $150-$200.

Cake #6: Damask is a technique that takes a VERY long time to create cleanly and perfectly. This cake alone took about 5 hours to complete (not including the baking/filling process!). Therefore, this cake is about $275-$325

How were your guesses?! Are they getting better?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Simple * Nautical * Color

As summer approaches so does Wedding season. We have done many wedding cakes with fresh flowers, many with gum paste flowers, with ruffles, with rosettes and even the unique cakes. However, this past weekend we did a simple, elegant cake that was much different than others we have done in the past. This bride wanted a nautical themed wedding cake with a pop of color. Check out this beautiful cake!
I also love the monogram placed in the center tier of the cake. It adds a focal point and a personal detail.  Congratulations to the newlyweds! 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tip Tuesday: Red Velvet Cake

  1. Red velvet cake is a rich cocoa-flavored cake with a distinctive red color, typically paired as a layer cake with a buttercream or cream cheese icing. It is one of our most popular cupcake flavors here at The Cake Boutique. Our recipe is a light, moist cake rich with flavor. This type of cake has some limitations however. Since our cake is so moist the texture is not best for being a supporting cake in a tiered cake, or a shaped cake. Also, since it is paired with cream cheese it needs to be refrigerated- refrigeration is not best for some types of decorations. This limits then the number of hours from pick up to serving. If you are thinking of having a red velvet cake at your event, but aren't willing to compromise your decoration or design- my suggestion is get a cake that is a little smaller in another flavor and order some red velvet cupcakes to go along with the cake. Cupcakes are easily refrigerated and you get the best of both worlds! 

                                                             YUM YUM YUM!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Realistic Budgets: For the Princess in your Life

Here is another installment of our realistic budgets! Princess cakes are a popular theme here at The Cake Boutique, whether it be for a young girl, a sweet 16, or any princess in your life! Here are just 4 examples that feed between 25-35 servings each. Take you best stab at pricing out these cakes- the answers will be found at the bottom of this blog. 

This cute princess cake is all fondant with a hand crafted,
hand painted crown. Can you guess what this 10" cake costs??

This 35 serving cake is complete with 4 towers and hand
 made rocks. How much do you think this cake would cost??

This beautiful tiara topper is hand created and the base
tier is in a quilted pattern. How much would this 25 serving cake cost??

This buttercream base cake is complete with a beautiful princess
carriage! This 10" cake serves 25 people- what do you think the price is?!

Cake #1: The hand crafted crown takes multiple days to create and then a few coats to hand paint. The cost of this 10" cake would be about $130.00- $150.00

Cake #2: The castle cake isn't the most detailed cake, however, the rocks are very time consuming and the support system for this cake is more detailed due to the towers. A cake similar to this would cost about $230.00-$250.00

Cake #3: This swirly tiara takes less time overall to create than the crown, however, is much more difficult. The quilting is also a more difficult technique than placing dragees on fondant as in the first photo. This cake would run about $210-$225.

Cake #4: This cake is the only buttercream base cake, however, the most detailed and time consuming topper. The wheels alone on the carriage take multiple days to dry and the carriage itself goes through a long process: making rice krispies, molding rice krispies, covering the carriage with modeling chocolate, covering with fondant, creating the details, attaching the wheels(previously made) and assembling the carriage on the cake. This cake would range about $150-$175.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Cake Stands

More and more bride and grooms are planning elaborate wedding dessert tables. From everything from full candy bars to multiple small petitfores or desserts. One way to make a wedding cake look even more special or impressive is to place it on a stand. Not only does this give the cake more height it makes the cake more of a focal point. 

There are stands to meet every theme and wedding venue. Next month we will be doing a formal cake that will be placed on a slab of wood. We also, just recently made a beautiful wedding cake that was placed on a very elegant silver stand. 
One of our favorite stands here at The Cake Boutique 
Makes this simple wedding cake stand out

Stands can be used to add a pop of color.
Even a monotone cake stand is elegant and pretty.

Not going for an elegant feel, how
about a tree trunk for a rustic feel!
Whether your wedding is elegant or rustic there is a cake stand out there for you! Ask your local bakery about the availability of stands or stand rentals.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Here at The Cake Boutique we do a specialty flavor of the week every week. Summer is approaching very quickly, although we have something up our sleeves for June we could use your help for July. We are looking for suggestions…..what would you like to see on the menu?!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Realistic Budgets: Graduation Cakes

Recently, I wrote a blog about realistic budgets as part of my tip tuesday series. It was by far the most popular blog! I have decided to make this a regular blog with different focus themes. This week we are going to take a look at three graduation cakes and once again it will be your turn to take a guess at what these cakes cost. At the bottom of the blog you will see price estimates for the cakes. When it comes to graduation cakes there is the traditional diploma and cap, to a cake with their favorite hobbies, to the over the top! Take a look at these three options and take your best stab at pricing out the cake.

1. The first cake is a one tier buttercream base cake with a cut out logo and some funky polka dots for West Chester University. This cake serves about 15-20 people- can you guess the price?!

2. This two tier fondant cake with grad cap serves about 90 people and has basic paw prints to represent Penn State college. What do you think the ballpark price is?

3. Our last cake is probably one of our most requested cakes! This cakes serves about 35 people. It is a fondant covered cake with both flat and 3D fondant decorations.  Can you guess the price?!

1. This single tier 8" buttercream West Chester graduation cake would cost about $55-65. The logo is hand cut and a bit time consuming.

2. This two tier fondant cake with a graduation cake would cost in the ballpark of $300. Even with simple decorations this cake will serve about 90 and the cap takes multiple days to prep.

3. The last cake although only serves 35 takes few hours to create the decorations alone. This cake would be in the ballpark of $225-$250.

How close were your guesses?!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Tips on Fresh Flowers on Cakes

When it comes time to design your wedding cake, one of our favorite options here at The Cake Boutique is fresh flowers. And added bonus -fresh flowers are cheaper then sugar flowers as they are less time consuming! If you are leaning towards fresh flowers there are a few things to keep in mind….

1. What kind of flowers do you want? Do you want them to match the flowers at your venue or just flowers in a similar color palate? If you are leaning towards having the same flowers, be sure to coordinate with your florist to provide extra for the cake.(Make sure you have an approximate number you will need as per suggestion of your cake designer). If you want flowers in the same color, you must decided whom you are getting those flowers from as well.

2.Meet with your florist for their recommendations for flowers to go on a cake. Some flowers are poisonous and shouldn't touch buttercream/fondant. Your florist will be able to help you choose flowers that are safe to be placed on your cake.

3.Meet with your cake designer to decide on placement of your flowers.You can either choose for the flowers to be an accent or as the main focus of the cake. Sometimes one or two flowers is all a bride is looking for where as other brides want a cake covered in flowers. Do you want them as a topper, cascading down your cake, around the bottom tier, or in small bunches alternating sides down your cake. There are many options on placement of your wedding cake.

4. Logistics: Who is going to put the flowers on the cake?! Some florist won't touch wedding cakes and some wedding cake designers won't touch other peoples flowers. Chat with your florist/designer and make sure the job is given to someone who feels comfortable doing it. Here at The Cake Boutique we prefer to place the flowers on the cakes ourselves, as we take measures to insure the integrity of the design of the cake. We feel it is important to meet the bride and grooms wishes directly. This is not always the case with all bakeries, so make sure you are aware of your bakery's policies. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tip Tuesday: Picking up Cake in Spring and Summer

It is that time of year again when the weather is warming up as well as the busy season in most bakeries. We get asked quite often "Would it be ok if I left my cake in the car for a quick errand"….and our answer is NO! Remember, the inside temperature of your car is hotter than the outside weather. So that quick half hour errand can make the inside of your car more than 30 degrees than the outside! 70 degrees alone is too hot for real buttercream. We suggest when picking up a cake in the hotter weather to run your air conditioner prior to picking up the cake and keeping it as cold as you can during the transport. What if your event is outside? Keep the cake indoors in a cool place until time for dessert. Keep the cake outside for the least amount of time as possible. Below is a a chart with car temperatures.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Cake Friday: Pretty Purple Communion Cake

During the end of April and beginning of May we do hundreds of First Holy Communion Cakes. A common color scheme is pale pink and white for girls and light blue and white for boys. I chose this cake to feature today because it is a little different in color scheme as lavender was its main color. Take a look at how this beautiful cake came to be...

Small white flowers are cut out to put on a cross.

With a touch of water dragees are added
to the center of the flower.
Lavender fondant is created by adding
 a touch of purple to white fondant. 

The bottom tier is covered and smoothed out.
Using a stencil, a quilted pattern is applied.

Next, the top tier is covered in white fondant.
Using a rubber mold, borders are created.
Using a touch of water, the borders are applied.
Left over flowers from the cross are placed on the
bottom tier for a special touch.

Next, a ribbon is placed in
the center of the top tier.

A bow is created with help
of paper towels for support.
Bow legs are added to the ribbon.
The cross is added to the
 top of the cake as a topper.
Two discs are cut for a personal message.
The message is hand painted
with liquid food coloring
What are your thoughts on this
 lavender chic religious cake?!