The Cake Boutique

The Cake Boutique

Friday, June 27, 2014

New Featured Service: Custom Candy & Dessert Buffets!

Want to host the sweetest event by treating your guests to a candy or dessert buffet?! Candy and dessert buffets are a tempting and delicious visual feast that will leave your guest raving!  We will meet with you to discuss your candy and dessert needs and create a one of a kind buffet around your budget. We offer a variety of options that will match any celebration.  Our candy and dessert buffets are designed to accommodate both small and large events!

Boutique Buffet Options

Blissfully Sweet Buffet
50-100 guests
4-5 Varieties of Candy
5-8 Containers

Delightfully Sweet Buffet
101-200 Guests
6-7 Varieties of Candy
9-12 Containers

Sinfully Sweet Buffet
201-300 Guests
8-10 Varieties of Candy
13-20 Containers

Each Candy Buffet Includes:
Delivery *
Set up and Tear Down
Table & White Linen
Scoop and Tong Rental
Container, Jar, & Stand Rental
Plastic Candy Bags with Standard Label
……and of course CANDY!

Also Available for an
Additional Fee:
Gourmet Desserts
Custom bags, take out boxes etc.
Custom Signage and labels
Custom Table Linens
Candy Buffet Attendant
Floral Arrangements & table decorations

*Additional fee outside delivery area

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Realistic Budgets: Shoe Edition

Just as different as shoes come so do shoe cakes! Shoe cakes are actually quite detailed and labor intensive, but the work is totally worth it! Check out these four shoe cakes and see if you can guess the prices!

Serves about 20-25 

Serves about 45-50

Serves about 35-40

Serves about 60-65

Cake # 1: This sneaker is all delicious cake on the inside. To create this cake there is a lot of shaping required and a lot of detail required in covering the cake. The price for this cake would be about $325-$350.

Cake # 2: The cake portion of this cake is the shoe box and the sneakers are made from rice krispie. Rice krispie shoes are a little less expensive and a bit easier to create. This cake would be about $400-$425.

Cake # 3: Leopard heels take a bit more work than other heels as they are hand painted. This cake would cost about $300-$325. 

Cake #4: This cake is the cheapest of the options because the base cake is a simple rosette and sanding sugar cake. This cake would run about $250-$275. 

Are your guesses getting better?!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Hot 10 Wedding Cake Trends of 2014

We have been noticing many trends in wedding cakes this year. Back in the 70's-80's, bridge wedding cakes were a big trend- thankfully since then we have evolved into more beautiful, elegant cakes. Take a look at these 10 hot trends in wedding cakes.

1. Rosette
2. Metallics

3. Monogram
4. Woodland

5. White on White 

6. Geometric 

7. Ruffles

8. Ombre 
10. Lace

9. Buttercream

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tip Tuesday: Cake Pick Up Guidelines

            Any time you pick up a cake, it is always a good idea to have a large FLAT area in your vehicle cleared and dedicated for transporting your cake. At your request most bakeries will be happy to assist you in carrying out your cake if a place is prepared. Putting cakes on people’s laps or on the seat of your car is not usually recommend(as they typically are not flat surfaces).  The floor of your car is often the BEST place for putting a cake. For 3+ tiered cakes or 14”+ base cake, you should make arrangements to pick up your cake in an SUV or Van. (Most 1 & 2-tiered cakes fit on the passenger side floor).

If possible, bring a friend to help. Drive SLOW(take turns slow!), and keep your car COLD. Storage of your cake should be in a cool area(not refrigerated in most cases) out of direct sunlight until serving. Cake and icing are fragile: speeding, going over bumps, slamming on breaks, wobbly tables, leaving your cake in a hot car/home can cause damage.  

Friday, June 20, 2014

New Featured Item: Icing Shooters

Recently, an avid customer of ours here at The Cake Boutique expressed their love for our icing. For them a cupcake was just an avenue to eat our icing. This got us thinking- what if we made an icing shooter! A sweet shot of that buttercream goodness in a variety of flavors is perfect for anyone- especially the kids whom only eat the icing off of a cupcake- or those icing lovers. Many of these icing shooters are gluten free :) For just $1.50 you have to try one of these!

Flavor Menu include:
 Lemon Raspberry, Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter Cup, Rolo, Snickers, Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry, Creamsicle, Strawberries and Cream- and more to come!  

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Realistic Budgets: Animal Print

In this edition of realistic budgets we are going to take a look at three animal print cakes. All these cakes are very different, however, they have the common theme of animal print. We have done animal print cakes for everything from baby showers, to bridal showers, to birthdays, to wedding cakes! See if you can accurately guess the prices of these cakes- answers will be found at the bottom of this blog. 

This 8" & 6" cake serves about 25 people and
is adorned with super cute cow print!

This 8" rosette cake is topped with
zebra print and a cute bow.

Serving about 40 people this zebra
 and leopard cake is to cute!

Cake #1: This all fondant cake with two toned cow print would cost about $175-$195. Cow print is one of the easiest and least time consuming animal prints.
Cake #2: Although this cake includes zebra, the rosette icing brings the cost way down. This cake would serve about 15 people and would run about $55-$70.
Cake #3: There are various techniques to achieve leopard print. Here at The Cake Boutique we hand paint our leopard and, therefore, it is very time consuming. This cake would take about 2 hours to decorate and would cost about $250-$275.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Rustic Wedding Cakes

A trend we have been noticing in weddings right now is the rustic theme. Check out these engagement, bridal shower and wedding cakes we have recently done that are rustically chic! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tip Tuesday: Allergy Free Baked Goods

These days there are many allergies or intolerances that people have. There is a difference between allergen-free bakeries and bakeries that have items without nuts, dairy, etc. To be a totally allergen-free bakery, all the products and ingredients that are brought in must be from allergen-free facilities and you must have a separate kitchen where no cross contamination is possible. As you can imagine, this is not an easy feat! Many bakeries will offer gluten-free or nut-free options on their menu. If you have a severe allergy or intolerance you may not want to go with a bakery that isn't totally allergen-free because these bakeries typically have those products in the facility. Also, most cannot guarantee there won't be cross contamination if they do not have a separate kitchen. Make sure you know the
severity of the allergy of your guest when ordering bakery items as well as, check with the bakery if it is allergen-free or just offers allergen-free items.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Realistic Budgets: Baby Bum Cakes

Today I have posted one of our most requested cake…the baby bum cake! There are many ways to do this cake, different colors, patterns etc. Take a look at these 4 cakes and see if you can put them in order from least to most expensive- scroll down to the bottom to see the correct answer.

Cake #1- serves 25

Cake #2- serves 40

Cake #3- serves 65

Cake #4-serves 35

All of these cakes range from $175 to about $250. Cake #3 is the least expensive! Even though it is the largest it has a buttercream base and the least detailed design. Cake#4 is second, even though this has the most detailed blanket it still has a buttercream base. Cake #1 third most expensive the quilting detail on this cake combined with the fondant makes it more time consuming and expensive. Did you guess Cake #2 as the most expensive?! The moon detail would require multiple days to dry and therefore be more expensive.  

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Shower Cupcakes

No mess no fuss bridal showers are becoming very popular. Many people are even having "naked" showers where the guest bring unwrapped gifts- to give the bride to be more time to spend with her guests. Having cupcakes or other petit fores as desserts is a great way for a no mess no fuss shower! Here at The Cake Boutique our cupcakes are the same recipes as our cakes. Some people have a notion that cupcakes are "childish" or informal, however, cupcakes can be as elegant and stylish as multi tiered cakes. This past weekend we created cupcakes for a damask themed shower. Not only did they match the theme and colors, but they were elegant and classy.  Take a look at this beautiful shower and the perfect no muss no fuss dessert! Congratulations Pauli! 

A beautifully themed shower carried through to the desserts! 
Beautiful stand can create a dessert
center piece- just like a cake would!

Cute messages make these cupcakes personal and sweet.

Who wouldn't want one of these?!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tip Tuesday: Proof Read Your Order Form

These days there are multiple ways to spell even the most basic traditional name. When providing the message to your baker, even if it is spelled traditionally, it is better to spell the name for them. Not only is it important to double check the name on the order form- it is important to proof read the whole order form. Bakeries take multiple orders a day and most times the person taking the order is not the same person creating your cake. Therefore, order forms are usually all a decorator has to go off of…so make sure the things you do and do not want are clearly portrayed on the order form. If you place an order over the phone be sure to ask them to read back your order. Lastly, when you pick up your cake double check spelling then! It is a lot easier for a bakery to correct a cake then, then to wait right before your event to realize there is a mistake. Today, I googled some cake spelling and message fails….I hope you get the enjoyment out of these pictures like I did!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Realistic Budgets: 1st Birthday Cakes

First Birthday cakes can be various themes along with various budgets. Here are three first birthday cakes we have done here at The Cake Boutique. Can you guess the price that each cake cost? The answers will be found at the bottom of the blog post. 

This sweet little girl's birthday cake is buttercream
 rosettes with a sanding sugar top, complete with a
pink #1 and bow. Servings = 25-30

Whether for a little boy or girl this buttercream
 with fondant circus cake it just to cute!
Servings= 25-30

Mickey Mouse fondant, two tier birthday
 cake with a rice krispie hat.
Servings = 40

Cake #1: Is the least expensive cake of the three since the rosettes are a relatively simple piping technique. You can expect to spend about $115-$145 for a cake along these lines.

Cake #2: Although, this cake has a buttcream base, the fondant work is still very detailed for the stripes and pennants. This cake would cost about $200-$225

Cake #3: To create this cake both hat and feet are created with a rice krispie base and given time to dry. The rest of the cake is created as it is decorated and would likely take 1-2 hours to create. This cake is also the largest of the 3 feeding at least 40 servings. This cake would cost in the ballpark of $300.