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The Cake Boutique

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: "Don't Call it a Wedding"- response to GMA's Bride on a Budget

        Good Morning America's recent Brides on a Budget series has caused quite a stir among the wedding industry, so much so, that they have recently pulled the article and video. With advice such as not hiring a professional- looking for students to be your photographers etc, or creating your own iTunes playlist instead of hiring a DJ, or not calling it a "wedding" to save money there has been a bit of back lash.
        Saving money hiring students seems like a good idea in theory, however, not hiring a professional is just that. Professionals mostly have years of experience and fine tuned their skills. Professionals, also typically have better equipment than students or people just starting out in the business. Yes, a bigger price tag can come along with that, but the money is well spent. Do you really want your wedding cake, flowers, hair or photos to look like a student did them?
          Another, piece of advice GMA suggested is "Just tell them you are having a party instead of a wedding" because, "as soon as you say you are having a wedding, they will jack the price up on you." There are many reasons this advice isn't the best. First, wedding vendors have been in the business a long time, you aren't going to "pull the wool over their eyes." If a vendor even thinks you are having a wedding the prices will be reflected in that. Also, not being truthful for your contracts may cause them to be void. Do you really want to anger the people helping you for your special day? Weddings are a once in a life time event and therefore couples, are more demanding and expecting of things to be a particular way. Wedding prices are also different than other types of events, as they typically add more extras that other events don't include.
        We obviously have a lot of experience with wedding cakes. Wedding cakes can be a bit more expensive than other cakes, however, we use the best of the best to create these works of art, spend more time, and preciseness on these cakes. Wedding cakes are also usually taller tiers than your average birthday cake. So although, you might still get a nice cake, not being truthful with your bakery can either void your contract or you may miss out on these extras.
       So how can you save money on a wedding? BE TRUTHFUL! Let vendors know what your budget is and they will work with you and what is within your budget. Personally, I would rather have a professional photographer there for an hour or two less then have a student, who isn't capable of doing the work a professional could. Or a smaller wedding cake with a side cake in the back then a cake a person made out of their kitchen with mediocre ingredients.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tip Tuesday: What to do with Left Over Cake?!

      Left over cake is definitely a first world problem, however, if you should find yourself in this situation and pondering what to do with it….remember that the FREEZER is your FRIEND. Many people think of the freezer in terms of bake goods as a terrible thing, but this is a big misconception. Most people won't think twice about poping the left overs in the refrigerator. Refrigeration involves dehumidifying the air to cool it and therefore is a bad idea. Refrigeration will dry out your cake unlike the freezer. If you have left over cake and aren't going to eat in within a day or two your best option is to freeze it at the peak of its freshness and pull it out when needed. In fact, the icing on a cake can even help preserve and insulate the cake in the freezer- it will stay more moist after being frosted and frozen.
      So what is the best way to freeze left over cake? Clear out your freezer an put the iced cake on a tray in the freezer, completely unwrapped. Let it freeze until solid- at least four hours. Then remove and wrap securely in plastic wrap and a final layer of aluminum foil. When it comes time to enjoy it, just remove it from the freezer hours prior and let it come to room temperature.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Party Theme: Religious Milestones

Spring is a busy time of year and a time of year that many communions, confirmations, and baptisms are held. Here at The Cake Boutique the big communion weekends book 2-3 weeks out! Do you have a religious event coming up in your family? Take a look at some of these cakes, cookie and cake pops for ideas at your event. Some popular elements in baptisms are booties, blocks and teddy bears, whereas rosaries and crosses are popular in communion and confirmation cakes. As you will see "God Bless" is the most popular saying for most religious cakes. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Candy and Dessert Tables

Candy buffets and dessert tables are the latest trend in chic wedding and shower desserts. These make for a great favor gift, as guests can fill little bags to take along with them, or it is a great way to incorporate lots of different types of desserts i.e.. chocolates, candies, macaroons, cookies, and brownies. We have worked with many different party planners and customers who have planned dessert tables ordering many different items, we even can do the tables for you! Some brides choose to create their table on a color scheme, where as other will choose a theme. We have done desserts for "A Taste of Philadelphia" dessert table and from everything from circus to Peter Pan for children's birthdays. Remember when creating your candy/dessert display to choose different types of desserts, different height and size containers for a more interesting display. Don't forget to have little bags, scoops, or plates for your guests to retrieve the desserts. Here are a few photos of parties, showers, and weddings we have been a part of.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tip Tuesday: Realistic Budgets

Very often we have customers come in with photos of cakes they had found online and are shocked at the cost of the cake. Custom cake prices range and are based on the number of servings and decorations. Handmade elements such as 3D characters, flowers, tiaras, people, shoes, etc. are VERY time-consuming and can take up to two weeks to complete with the drying process, which ultimately adds to the cost of a cake. I am posting a few cakes, take a look and guess the prices…at the bottom of the blog the actual prices will be listed. Did you guess close to the actual price??
 10" 8" 6" serves 50-60

8" 6" 4" serves 25-30

Topsy Turvy 10" 8" 6" serves 60-70

Shaped baseball hat serves 10-12

Cowgirl Cake: Price $435 
3D character alone would take about 4 hours to create and almost 2 weeks to dry completely. This cake also requires hand painting on each tier for the faux wood. 

Princess Sophia Cake: $275
Other than the 2 topper everything on this cake would have to be done as you go, nothing can be prepped ahead of time. This cake would take a few hours to complete. 

Funky Topsy Turvy: $400
Each tier of a topsy turvy cake requires hand carving and a very careful support system. Not to mention the intricate argyle pattern which also adds to the price.

Shaped Baseball Cap: $135
Even though this cake only serves 10-12 people there is a lot of labor that goes into shaping this cake and creating a brim. The brim along must dry a few days to achieve an arched look. 

**Prices are subject to changes as ingredients, labor, and product costs increase**

Friday, April 18, 2014

Let Them Eat Cake: Fantasy Wedding Cake Competition

This year The Cake Boutique participated in The Let Them Eat Cake Competition held at The Double Tree Hotel in Philadelphia. This event helped raise money for the City of Hope Organization, which is a leading research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. A cake like this takes a lot of time planning, labor, hard work, and love! We were given the broad topic of Fantasy Wedding cakes.  We took a few weeks to brainstorm ideas and settled on the concept of a couple dreaming of their fantasy wedding cake. Once we had a concept we began an inspiration board full of cakes, decorations, colors and ideas that inspired us. Next up was to choose our cake flavor and filling. We achieved this by having every member of our staff choose a flavor option and we all voted for our favorite. Then the hard work began! We shaped a hill with a tree and clouds as well as made a three tier wedding cake. We covered them with fondant, stacked and supported the cakes. Then came lots and lots of details! After, hours of hard work our piece was competition ready! Check out photos of how this cake came to be and if you want to see our cake in person, stop in at The Cake Boutique!

We had a great experience at the competition and the crowd was very receptive to our cake and flavors! We were proud to help raise money for City of Hope and can't wait to see what next years topic will be!