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The Cake Boutique

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Special: Check out our Product Lines!

With just 26 shopping days until Christmas this year, I know it is going to be a hectic season for many people. If you are in the lines for your black friday shopping you are going to need a sweet treat to keep you going. Here at The Cake Boutique we have you covered in the sweet treats department, but we also have some great product lines for gifts! Gifts that are perfect for stocking stuffers for, teachers, moms, co-workers, wives, children and everyone in-between. Check out some of the great products we have this holiday season!!

Bloom box is a great gift for the gardener in your life.
From sweet little seed packs to sachets. 
Feeling Smitten is a great line of products
that make baths and showers fun!! From bath bombs
 and salts to sugar scrubs and more!
Images D'orient has fun and unique
coasters to fit everyones home decor!
Bags, totes, aprons, oven mitts galore- Jessie Steel has it all!
We carry a bunch of Papaya products including
 change purses, cards, sticky notes and gift tags!
Paper Eskimo has some of the cutest paper products! 
These will be in all of my girlfriends stockings this year!!
Pinch Minimergency cover you for all girl emergencies!

Need a little humor at you next event or for a stocking
 stuffer....check out these PPD napkins!
Primal Elements candles and soaps,
that actually smell when you burn or use them!!

Rock Flower Paper are the cutest earth friendly bags!

Rosanna has some of the prettiest serving
 dishes perfect for any occasion or holiday.

Wine caddis, stoppers, charms, carriers,
dessert plates, servers and many more! 
While your here you can pick up a great Wooster & Prince card!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving


 from all of us here at The Cake Boutique!!!
Check out tomorrows blog for lots of Boutique Chic items

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Holiday Weddings: Festive but not Tacky

When it comes to holiday weddings it is easy to get "wrapped up" in the holiday spirit and go a bit overboard. Holiday colors such as: gold, red, green, or silver, blue are all great accents colors to make a wedding cake pop but, with too much it can easily be a bit gaudy. Also, there are many great symbolic touches that remind us of the holiday season that are great for decorating cakes such as pine cones, holly, bows/ribbon, poinsettias, and snowflakes. That being said there are also symbolic touches that remind us of the holidays that can be a bit tacky for a wedding cake such as snowmen, santa, gingerbread men etc. After, doing a quick search for holiday wedding cakes, I got a plethora of examples of both the good and the bad.

The Tacky:

This looks like wrapping paper
threw up all over the cake...TOO MUCH!
Snowmen are cute...
in your front lawn....please leave them there!

What to say about this one....

The Festive: 

Earthy pine cones, leaves, and wood
add a great touch for a winter wedding.
Red is a bold color, but done right as an
 accent makes a beautiful holiday wedding cake.
Holly leaves make a great topper for a winter wedding.
Silvery blue is a great color for a winter wedding.

Snowflakes in a monotone cake and just a touch
of bling can make a beautiful wedding cake!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Pie Oh My: tips and tricks

A staple at the Thanksgiving is PIE of course. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you bake a beautiful holiday pie.
1. Cold Ingredients: Although, many recipes require room temperature ingredients it is actually better for pie crusts to use cold butter and ingredients.
2. Chunks are Ok: In fact large chunks when mixing help to have a more flaky crusts. It should hold together when you squeeze it, with some dry crumbly bits. If it seems to dry add a bit more liquid.
3. Parchment Paper: To roll out your pie crust try putting it between two pieces of parchment papers. Roll from the center out while rotating 1/4 turns as you go for an even crust.
4. Fluting: To make your edges look ridged, press one finger against two and make an even impression. Do this every 1/2 inch around the edge.
5. Blind Baking: Some recipes require you to pre-bake the crust. To help this not rise place a piece of parchment paper with dry beans on top to hold it down.
6. No Burnt Edges: Using foil create a tent around the edges of the pie t prevent them from browning too quickly. There are also pie shields available for sale, which do the trick as well.

7. Call us!!!!: If all this seems over whelming give us a call at The Cake Boutique 856-418-1226. We can cover all your holiday pie needs without a mess in your home! This Thanksgiving we are offering all of our favorites: Caramel Apple, Apple Crumb, Pumpkin, or Pecan Pie.
Pie Crust Shield

Friday, November 22, 2013

Cake Friday: Baby Reveal Tadaaaaaa!

Baby reveal cakes are the latest trends in finding out the sex of the baby. Many customers will have their doctor put the sex of the baby in an envelope and bring it to us to create a reveal cake. Here at The Cake Boutique we make about one reveal cake/ cupcakes a week. We dye the cake or filling pink or blue, so when the parents cut into the cake the inside cake or filling color represents the sex of the baby. We have also stuffed cupcakes with colored icing. Both of these are super cute and a fun way to learn the sex of the baby. Today's cake friday cake is premiering a new kind of baby reveal cake! Check out the pictures to see how this cake is done!

The center of cake is cut out with a circle cutter.

The layers of cake are stacked and filled.
Next, pink sixlets are put into the center
 for the surprise later to come.
The top of the cake is placed on with some buttercream.
Next, the cake is "dirty" iced.

Pink icing is made using a touch of food coloring.
A piping bag is filled half way.
Half of the cake is iced with pink rosettes.
The other half is iced with blue rosettes.
Silver dragees are dropped onto
 the cake to add a little sparkle!
They are placed on the sides as well.
Polka dots are cut out and added to a white bow.
Legs of the bow are cut using an accordion cutter. 
Polka dots are added to the legs.
Using a rolling pin they are smoothed out.
Using a touch of water the bow is
 prepared to be placed on the cake.
Using edible food coloring a
"He or She..What Will it Be" sign is made.
The finished product!
Thanks Cutco knives for this beautiful server. 
With the first slice ready to be removed....
we can't wait to see what it will be...
It's a .........


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Boutique Chic: BloemBox

With the winter and cold weather approaching, I find my self day dreaming about the Spring time. Spring is one of my favorite seasons with the flowers blooming and the air warming up. My wishful thinking is likely why I chose the BloemBox as today's Boutique Chic item. These small gift boxes are stuffed with hundreds of tiny seeds in biodegradable, plantable tissue paper ribbon. The top of the box is adorned with the flower that the seeds will grow into. After planting the seeds, the box can be used for a variety of uses- which you know that I love multi-use products! These are great as gifts, and even stocking stuffers. They even have a little gift tag that reads, "Happiness held is a seed. Happiness shared is the flower" and includes a poetic reference to the flower. Stop in The Cake Boutique to get yours!
Price $11.99

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: The Ruffle Cake

I remember the first ruffle cake I designed for a bride just after we had opened about two years ago and to this day it is one of my favorite wedding cakes. This bride wanted something elegant, different, and with a touch of color- but other than that had no idea what she wanted. After, discussing a few options this what I can up with...
What I love about this cake is that it is simple and yet unique at the same time. The texture to the ruffles gives the cake demention that smooth buttercream cakes just don't have.  The touch of yellow in the ombre gives the cake a modern touch without being overwhelming. I love fresh flowers on a wedding cake and the ruffle cake provides a great base for it. This wedding cake is simply stunning and ever since we have done it many brides have chosen a ruffle cake based on this picture and made it their own. Check out some of the ruffle cakes we have done through out the year. 
This version included a gum paste
 flower in bright colors.
Even in ivory this cake is beautiful!
Not all wedding cakes have to be white!
Even silk flowers look great on a ruffle cake!
An accent tier in ruffle add a pop of texture to a smooth cake.
The ruffle cake is so can stand alone!