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The Cake Boutique

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Top Tier Tradition

      There are many wedding traditions that couples part take in without even considering why it is we do them. Ever wonder why couples save their top tier of their wedding cake to eat on their one year anniversary? The answer might actually surprise you. 
      Tiered wedding cake have been the norm since the 19th century and couples began saving their top tier all the way back then. It was almost a guarantee that the newlyweds would give birth to their first child about a year after their wedding day.  Instead of buying another cake couples would serve their top tier of their wedding cake at their baby's christening. Even Queen Elizabeth II did this with her first born. Today the tradition has been slightly modified as many couples are not having children right away or at all. So couples began having it on their first anniversary as a good luck tradition. There is even a company these days that will wrap, store and ship your top tier for you. 
      Now you might also be wondering what year old wedding cake taste like. We find depending on the flavor and if the proper steps have been taken- frozen year old cake can actually be pretty good! Don't believe me? Take it from this Cake Boutique Customer that emailed us after her October wedding anniversary! 

Time to Eat That One-Year-Old Cake
Tale of a Newlywed Couple Surviving the Obligatory Anniversary Wedding Cake Bite

So… the old adage is for newlyweds to celebrate their first year of marriage by eating a slice of their wedding cake. That’s right, it is apparently good luck to eat year-old cake. Congratulations, you made it one year! Now eat some baked goods that have been around for 365 days.

Coming from a very traditional Sicilian family, I’m not one to break any superstition that may potentially result in “bad luck” in any way (I think I’m still paying for a broken mirror from 2011). Therefore, the day after our wedding, we took home our leftover cake the venue wrapped for us, and shoved it in our freezer – its new home for the next year. 

On our honeymoon, I told my new husband that we would be eating the cake a year from now…his face looked concerned, “How will that taste?, Will we get sick? Do we have to do it?” His solution? Buy a nice bottle of wine while we were in Napa Valley on our honeymoon with the goal of drinking it on our first anniversary to wash down the cake.

A year went by and the day came to celebrate our first year of marriage…with cake that had survived our marriage as long as we had so far. Yum…. I had been warned by my mother that the wedding cake her and my father ate on their first anniversary was “not great at all, but you just need to take one bite! You have to!” (again the Sicilian superstitious roots running strong here).

 The afternoon of our anniversary, I unwrapped both the slices

the venue saved us, to survey the goods. Surprisingly, both pieces still looked delicious! I let them thaw for about 4 hours and stole a swipe of frosting…still creamy and decadent! That night, my husband and I got our forks ready, piled on some cake, and clinked them together to cheers.

It. Was. YUMMY! I’m not talking, “hmm-that’s-pretty-good-for-a-year-old-cake” yummy, I mean “wow, that’s good cake”. So much so, that I took WAY more than the obligatory “one bite”. Needless to say, that delicious bottle of Napa Cabernet was not necessary to mask the taste (although still appreciated – like Hallie says in The Parent Trap, “I’m partial to the California grape”). The flavors of the cake were still rich and delicious, just as on our wedding day. After we were done, we made sure to save my most favorite part of our wedding cake, the “hidden Mickey”, which we wrapped up and hope to save forever.

So for any Cake Boutique brides, be EXCITED for your first anniversary. For a lot of reasons, of course, but mostly because you can look forward to some pretty delicious cake! I am so grateful to The Cake Boutique for making quality products that not only “wow” guests and taste phenomenal, but stand the test of time and make anniversaries for newlyweds even more enjoyable…and lucky, apparently…at least I hope.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Step by Step Halloween Spooktacular Cake!

Nothing better than having creative freedom to design and execute a Halloween spooktacular cake! Here at The Cake Boutique we LOVE minions and we LOVE Halloween so when given the chance to design a totally awesome Halloween cake we knew we had to combine our two loves! Check out how this cake came to be!

First 2 cakes are cut and filled. Once is rounded at the top.

The cakes are then "dirty iced" to seal in the crumbs.

Wooden supports are added to the bottom cake.

A little buttercream is added on the top of the bottom cake...

and the rounded cake is placed on top.

More wooden dowels are added for more support. 

"Dirty ice" is added to smooth the two cake together.

Next the cake is covered in lime green fondant. 

White fondant is rolled out and cut into a circle...
can you guess what it will become?!

Red food coloring is used to make veins.

Red luster is added...

Another white fondant circle is used to make a ring.

Silver highlighter is added to the ring.

Brown fondant is now rolled out.

A smaller circle is cut.

Texture is added using a roller. 

A little shimmer luster is added. 

The brown circle is added to the white and ring.

A baller tool is used to create an indent.

Black rolled fondant is added to the center. 

Did you guess an eyeball?!

Indents are added along the ring. 

A little water is added and small silver balls are placed in the holes.

Black fondant is cut into a strip. 

With a little water the strip is added to the cake. 

Next, the eyeball is added.

A thicker blue strip is cut. 

It is added to the bottom of the cake. 

Thinner blue strips are cut. 

The are added in a semi circle on top of the thicker blue strip. 

The excess blue fondant is rolled and cut into 2 equal pieces. 

They are placed on the board. 

A stitching is rolled over the blue to give is a sewed look. 

White circles are cut.

Using a knife they are cut into more organic shapes. 

They are placed on the cake to look like teeth. 

Red food coloring is added to look like blood. 

Dark pink fondant is added to the head to look like brains! 

More food coloring is added. 

Rolled green fondant is added to look like an arm. 

Holes are placed on the top of the cake...

and thin black fondant is added to look like hair. 


Black fondant is added to the bottom 
of the blue "legs" for shoes. 

Here is the final product!