The Cake Boutique

The Cake Boutique

Friday, March 28, 2014

Cake Friday: Walking Dead

Even creepy cakes make cool cakes! Check out this Walking Dead themed cake we created complete with fake blood!
First, ivory fondant is rolled
 out using our sheeter.  
Next, the cake is covered and smoothed
out using a smoother.
Gray fondant is  rolled out.

Two "doors" are cut.
Meanwhile, edible powdered color is
applied to the cake in a thrashing motion. 

The doors get a silvery touch. 

Red liquid food coloring is flicked onto
 the cake to look like blood splatters. 
The doors are added to the top of the cake. 
"Walking Dead" is written
in "blood" around the cake.  

"Fingers" are rolled out from the gray fondant.  
Indents are added to give
them a more realistic look.
After, the writing is added to the top the "fingers"
 are added with a touch of water to appear
 like they are prying open he door. 
More "blood" is applied to the fingers.
This finished product is a little bit creepy and a lot cool! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Featured Creator: The Cake Boutique- Bloopers

Not all the photos we have taken the past few months were worthy of our featured creators blogs, however, they make for great bloopers! As promised here is our blooper reel…#cakeboutiqueproblems 

Meet The Cake Boutique- and yes we have more than just eyes! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Mixing Traditional and Unique

Wedding cakes come as traditional or as unique as the couples themselves. Most couples fall somewhere between traditional and unique and having a wedding cake that does the same is a great way to have both a centerpiece and tradition at your wedding. Whether it be a traditional shaped cake with unique elements or an all white cake with a unique base, topper, or pop of color mixing both traditional elements and unique touches make a personal one of a kind wedding cake. Take a look at just a few examples of cakes we have done….
This beautiful cake has an interesting unique element
 at the base.  The NYC skyline is incorporated as it is
where the couple met. This  personal touch is super sweet!
This all white cake incorporates a pop of color for the
couples initials  and  is a focal point that
 draws your eye to the cake!
For this rustic barn wedding the couple choose to do a
 traditional two tier  Wedding cake with fresh flowers, however,
they placed it on top of a cake shaped like a bale of hay.
This gorgeous cake is one no guest would forget.
This unique cake has many traditional elements with the
white base, shape and  topper, yet this cake is  anything but traditional!