The Cake Boutique

The Cake Boutique

Friday, July 25, 2014

Cake Fails: Take 3

I hope you are enjoying these cake fails as much as I am! Here is the latest batch I came across- these may be my favorites thus far.

Someones going to be disappointed when they
 realize there is NO sprinkles on this cake.

I believe they wanted a "cap" on it- not a "cat". Just a wild guess though

No words...

I guess they like Susan better….

Maybe they need to stay in school….

On no!

Back to school for this one too!

Sorry no sprinkles on this cake….

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Boutique Chic: Feeling Smitten

It is always an exciting day when our Feeling Smitten delivery has arrived!! Whether they are new products or some old favorites they are definitely boutique chic. Check out our latest delivery and stop in to try them out! 

Lip Glaze
Lip Glazes are available in two great flavors: Cake Batter & Raspberry Lemonade
They are a perfect treat to sweeten your kisser. New Lip Glaze by Feeling Smitten will leave your lips velvety smooth. Each are handmade with natural beeswax, soybean oil, nourishing vitamin E and aloe and they create a beautiful shine with signature sweetness. $5.75 ea

 Gelato Sugar Scrubs
Gelato Sugar Scrubs are available in three great flavors: Frozen Margarita, Strawberry Mint and Dreamsicile. They come in two jar sizes 6oz and 2oz. These smooth foaming sugar whip is packed with moisturizing natural oils like mango butter, shea and coconut that exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate all in one! $15.50 ea/$7.50 ea

Mini Bath Bombs

This is a solid moisture rich bath bomb that softens the water, moisturizes your skin, smells delightful, adds bubbles, all while soaking up the many relaxing natural salts in your bath. Peel wrapper and drop it under the running bath water-enjoy! $5.75ea

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Cake Do's

Here is a list of 5 important wedding cake do's to consider when designing, ordering, and enjoying your wedding cake.
  1. Do your homework: Before contacting a bakery have an understanding of what you are interested in. Most bakeries cannot provide you with price quotes without knowing the number of servings and the type of design you are looking for. Prepare photos of cakes of similar designs that you are interested in. Prepare color swatches. Decide if you want fresh flowers vs. gum paste. And have an idea of whether you are interested in fondant vs. buttercream. All these are important aspects of designing a wedding cake- without them a consultation will not be effective. 
  2. Do personalize your wedding cake: Your wedding day is just that: YOUR wedding day. When it comes to choosing flavors, choose something YOU like. When choosing a design choose something that represents you and your fiancĂ©, add personal touches to make the cake special and not just another pretty cake in a wedding cake album. 
  3. Do a cake tasting and get references: Ever hear those wedding day horror stories?! Don't let that be you! Make sure you do your research on possible bakers. Listen to family and friends on their suggestions-word of mouth is the best advertising! Once you have a list of referred bakers set up tastings to judge for yourself!
  4. Do order your cake early: Securing a bakery is key especially if you are getting married during wedding season! To ensure the bakery is available for your date, especially to deliver, you want to contact them early. (Warning: 6-8 months prior is a good time- too early other details may not be finalized and too early for you to decide.)
  5. Do eat a piece of cake!: I can't tell you how many couples don't get to eat their own wedding cake or food for that matter! Make sure you enjoy every moment and every bite!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Aggie's Pinterest Picks

Our pinterst blogs have been very popular so today we are going to look at a few pins in Aggie's Cake Idea board. This morning she and I had a chat about pinterest and how it is a great way to pass the time and get all sorts of ideas, however, she believes "you have to realize, especially when you try these things at home- that many of them are created by people that have ALOT of time on their hands or are professionals. You can't expect yours to look just like things you see on pinterest- and if you do want an exact replica and take it to a professional it is going to be costly mainly because of the labor and time involved in creating them."  The following are pinterest ideas Aggie loves: 

Here at The Cake Boutique our signature piping is the rosette.
I love this cake for the rosette and glitter! Also, the butterflies look like paintings!
 If we were to do this cake however, we would do the buttercream a lighter hue as
we don't like to dye buttercream dark colors(it comprises the taste and texture).
To recreate this cake it would cost $60+.

Wow- is all we have to say. We actually did a cake very similar
to this one once, however, the colors were a bit different for that cake.
 This cake, I love the teal and purple combination.
This four tier cake would cost about $675+ to recreate.

Aggie makes many cupcakes each day at The Cake Boutique
and loves animal print….these cuties would be about $3.75ea to recreate. 

Aggie loves the idea of this cake for a Spring Wedding.
"Don't be afraid of color- wedding cakes don't have to be white!"
This wedding cake would be about $650+(about 80 servings).

"I have never seen cupcakes in ketchup papers…Neat idea!" 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Cake Fails: Take 2

Recently my cousin sent me a link to photos of cakes for a good laugh. I had to share these cake fails with you. Thankfully, here at The Cake Boutique we have never had a message mess up quite this large(knock on wood)! Check out theses unfortunate, but FUNNY cake message fails...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Realistic Budgets: Sports Theme Cakes

With all this Word Cup business I have been in a sports mood, so today I decided to feature some sports themed cakes on todays blog. These four cakes are TOTALLY different! Can you guess how much they cost? All answers will be posted at the end of the blog-

This 12" fondant cake serves 50+ people
 and features poker cards, chips and two cigars. 

Who doesn't love the Philly Phanatic?! This 10" cake serves
 about 25 people and is topped with a 3D hat and figure.

For this sports lover one sport just wasn't enough!
This two tier fondant cake features football, baseball
and bowling and would serve about 40 people.

This golf theme cake includes a gold bag, sand trap
 and flag- can you guess what this
cake, which serves 35, would cost?

Cake # 1: Although, poker chips are just circles- they need to be hand painted! This combined with the other details would cost about $200+.
Cake # 2: A 3D hat and Phanatic are very time consuming, however, the buttercream base is less expensive. This cake would cost about $175+ to make. 
Cake # 3: This all fondant cake is super cute! Although, the base cake is simple fondant the decorations are very time consuming and take a few days to dry. This cake would be about $245+ to make.
Cake # 4: Lastly, this golf cake would cost $215+- How were your guesses?!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Fruit Themed Wedding Cakes

This past week we did a unique wedding cake that was just to cute to not share! When I heard they wanted a Peach themed wedding cake, I at first assumed they meant peach filling, I didn't realize that they actually were looking for Peaches on the cake! I thought it was a different unique idea and we came up with a cool design. When this cake was finished I just LOVED it. I think it is perfect for a country or out door wedding. Check it out!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bri's Pinterest Picks

Today's pinterest picks are coming from one of our favorite counter girls, Bri! These awe inspiring cakes are beautiful- but of course they come with a price. Check out her Pinterest favorites of the week and the cost to recreate them. 

We love gold! How elegant is this cake- it would be perfect
for a special birthday, shower, or engagement party! The hand
painted gold leaves and tier would be rather time consuming
 and therefore this cake would cost $450+ to recreate.

Not only do I love the tall bottom tier but this artsy simple
 cake is just perfection. We would hand create the flowers and hand
 paint the accents on the bottom tier. This cake would cost about $250+

Ombre is so popular these days, but what I love is using flowers
 in cascading colors to act as the ombre effect! Even though this cake
  is small it would take A LOT of  flowers! This cake would be very time
consuming and to recreate it it would cost about $150+. 

We love french macaroons and sell many flavors here at The Cake Boutique….
these smore macaroons or something similar may be making an appearance soon! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Cupcake Friday: Caramel Popcorn

This week's cupcake of the week was such a hit here at The Cake Boutique that I decided to feature it today as a special cake friday: Cupcake Friday! Check out how we make Caramel Popcorn Cupcakes:

Using a small apple corer, the center
of the cupcake is removed

Leaving a cavity about 1/2 way
through the cupcake.

Using a piping bag, the center
 is stuffed with caramel.
Next, the cupcake is iced with caramel buttercream.
Using a "cupping" motion, caramel popcorn
 is placed on top of the cupcake.
The holes are filled in with more popcorn.
Last, the cupcakes are drizzled with chocolate…YUM!