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The Cake Boutique

Friday, August 30, 2013

Cake Friday: For the Little Princess in You!

For the Little Princess in You!
     The look of a tiered cake is very desirable, but when one needs a cake for a small gathering  mini tiered cake is the way to go. This week an order for a very special 2 year old came in. She of course needed a cake fit for a princess! Her birthday party was only going to have about 25 guests.  So we created a 4", 6," 8" cake just for her. Take a look how this sparkly, jeweled cake took shape......

 First, the bottom tier is covered, but rather
 than smoothing it out it is left to look like a cloth.

The top and middle tiers are then covered
smooth in white and princess perfect purple.

Next, a purple overlay is cut out to add a
special touch to the bottom tier.

What does every princess need?! PEARLS-
Pearls are added to the tiers in a scalloped design.

Molds are used to create gems that would
later be sparkled!

Molds are also used to create string of beads.

Pearls-check, gems-check, sparkle- check.....
this cake needs some bows!

Bows, gems, beads, and pearls are
added to jazz up this cake.

A must for every princess is a tiara! This tiara
was created using swirled up fondant.

To add a personal touch, our decorator used this
special tool to create the little princess' name
for the center of the cake.

Putting Sophia's name in the center as a focal
 point finished this cake- which is fit for the
princess in you!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Boutique Chic: Primal Elements Candles

The sophisticated shape of the Icon Candle's glass provides a striking backdrop for the original Icon candles. They are available in a variety of colors including classic black, cool blue, and pure white glass which highlights the sparkling hand jeweled Icon Candles. These candles feature original fragrances and unique designs, Icon Candles are perfect for gift giving. The hand poured, vegetable wax blend candle features a unique hand jeweled crystal icon on glass and matching jeweled gift box. Thirteen-ounce Icon Candles have approximate burn time of 50 hours. Why do we love the Primal Elements Candles? - quite simply they are elegant and pretty, and with the jewels they have that extra special touch great for gift giving. Most importantly these candles actually are very fragrant while burning. There is nothing worse then spending money on a candle you think smells great, only to find out while burning it doesn't smell strong. 

Just two Icon Candles Available at
The Cake Boutique 
Wish Candles come in a variety
 of messages
      Other Primal Candles available at The Cake Boutique include Wish Candles these Jeweled message candles are perfect for every occasion.   For example,  Happy Birthday is a sweet and creamy frosted cupcake. 9.5 once-wick Wish candle have an approximate burn time of 40 hours. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Today's Toppers

In the 1950's toppers became a staple for American wedding cakes. Fast forward 60 years and most brides sitting in their wedding consultation are pondering whether or not to do a wedding cake topper. It is a tradition that some brides find they want to uphold to have that keep sake. Other brides, however, find it is just another fading trend and a dust collector. Wedding toppers where once a way to personalize and make your wedding cake unique, however, now days many wedding cake are works of art that include personal handcrafted elements. Depending on the topper it can actually take away or distract from your over all wedding cake design. Take these for example: 


Gum Paste Topper
Fresh Flower Topper

Putting fresh or hand made gum paste flowers on top of a wedding cake can be a beautiful design, but trying to add a topper can be too much.  Without the topper, the flowers can keep the cake elegant and classic.

Now not all toppers are 'bad', in fact there is one topper that is quiet timeless, the monogram. Adding your monogram to your cake can be a great way to add that personal touch. However, that being said a monogram that does not match the cake's color scheme or design can and will stick out like a sore thumb. If finding a monogram that matches your cake is proving to be difficult, try having your cake decorator make one for one of the tiers of your cake.

 Every once in a while the unique topper fits the unique couple. At the end of the day its your cake and its your wedding, so make it what you want!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tip Tuesday: To Refrigerate or Not to Refrigerate

The number one question we receive daily is "Should I refigerate my cake/cupcakes?" 90% of the time our answer is no. Which most people are surprised to hear. It is a big mis-conception that cakes should always be placed in the refrigerator. Our buttercream is best served at room temperature. Since our buttercream is made with all butter when in the refrigerator it will solidify (just like a stick of butter). It is surprising how long cakes can take to come to temperature. In addition, many of our cakes are made with fondant work. With all the moisture from the fridge, fondant can become sticky and get ruined.  Our recommendation is to leave your cake in a cool place, not in direct sunlight, away from drafts, and Sparky of course!

So when should you refrigerate your cake/cupcakes? If your cake or cupcakes have cream cheese icing or filling they should be refrigerated.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cake Friday: Not your Average Argyle

Not your Average Argyle

This week we challenged ourselves with creating the quintessential black, white, and red themed cake. Our owner, Alexandra Benas, came up with an abstract design of the cake she wanted to create. She wanted to incorporate a tall accent tier, include stripes, and argyle- then she went to work creating this gorgeous cake.

 First, the bottom tier is covered with
 black fondant, smoothed, and trimmed.

A diamond cookie cutter is used to cut
out diamonds to create a black and white
 argyle pattern on the bottom tier.

Using a small bit of water, the diamonds
 are secured into place.

Alexandra next, covers the second tier
 in white and stacks it onto the bottom
tier. She uses dowels to support the
weight of the larger middle tier.

If there is something Alexandra loves it is
sparkle! She decided to use special paint
to add a touch of silver as an accent to the
black, white and red theme.

After painting the top tier, stripes and a scalloped
boarder where added to the top tier.

Each tier is finished off with a boarder.
Alexandra uses a mold to form a unique

With a touch of water the boarders
 are placed between tiers.

To offset the tall middle tier, Alexandra
chooses to place a red band around the

Lastly, small red accents are used to give
 the cake a finished look. Alexandra, creates
a ruffled flower, small red scallops, and red
balls on the bottom tier.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Boutique Chic: Designer Greeting Cards

We know your type. Vintage one day, mod the next. You’ve redecorated your living room almost as many times as you have pairs of shoes. Your style is hip yet classic, funky yet timeless . . . and that’s just on Thursday. You crave variety. You loathe monotony. You are a piece-of-work in progress. Yeah, we know your type and that is why we carry designer Wooster & Prince greeting cards for every occasion. These card are not your typically greeting card- they are pretty works of art that every recipient will love. 


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: When do I order my cake?

The timeline for ordering your wedding cake can depend on the particular bakery you would like to order from. Here at The Cake Boutique we typically recommend scheduling your wedding consultation 6 months to 1 year prior to your wedding date. Can you come in sooner?-- Absolutely, however, coming in too early before you have solidified of details of the wedding seems counter productive.  Don't stress yourself out by possibly not having your favorite bakery or the exact design details you are looking for because you have waited to long and are ordering late. I have had brides come in the week of their wedding panicked because they are trying to order their cake last minute. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get your dream wedding cake...but not to much where your dream wedding cake changes 5 times.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Matching your color scheme perfectly

So you want to order a cake with greenish/blueish decorations but is it teal, turquoise, aqua, light blue, or sea-foam. There are so many shades to every color it can be difficult to get something that matches what you have in mind. Quite often teal in your mind is perhaps aqua to us. So we have a few suggestions on helping your cake decorator match your color scheme perfectly.
  1. Party Supplies: when ordering your cake bring along the napkin or plate that goes along with your party theme.
  2. Invitation: if you are looking to match your parties invitation bring an extra copy for the decorator.
  3. Fabric Swatch: if you are ordering your wedding cake many times you can get color swatches of the bridesmaids fabric from the bridal boutique. If this is your accent color it is a great way for your decorator to have  large enough color swatch to match.
  4. Paint Chip: Don't have an invitation, party supplies, or fabric swatch? Just go to your local hardware store and pick up a paint chip in the color you desire. This is a great idea for your florist and other venders that you need to provide color with. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Cake Friday: Anchors Away

Party Invitation
Having trouble coming up with a cake idea for your next event? When planning a party a great way to design a cake is by bringing your invitation to your consultation. Take this week's featured cake for Jackson whom was turning 1. This customer chose her cake flavors, gave us the number of guest for the party, left us with the invitation and let us work our magic. We call these cake DYOT= Do you own thing and quite often these cakes turn out the best because our decorators can let their creativity fly. 
The cake was covered in white fondant with a thick navy boarder and a red & white twisted rope. Our decorator choose to include the pennant detail by recreating it in swags around the cake. Since this was a nautical themed party, she focalized the anchor detail of the invitation on the top of the cake by placing a blue rope around it. Lastly, she put large silver dragees(is a bite-sized, colorful form of confectionery with a hard outer shell) to add a finishing touch. In giving the bakery artistic license Jackson received a spectacular cake that went perfectly with his nautical themed first birthday. 

When planning your next event- do your research. Check out the bakeries website, Facebook, and cake photos. If they have created fabulous, creative cakes in the past don't be afraid to trust them to DYOT!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Boutique Chic: High Heel Wine Caddy's

Looking for an interesting, unique gift for your favorite girly-girl? What's better than shoes or wine?! Want to bring a great house warming gift to your favorite wine lovers? These High Heel Wine Caddy's are perfect and come in a variety of colors and patterns. The High Heel Wine Caddy Collection is a show stopper for any shoe-a-holic! Made from resin these classic heels are able to hold any standard sized wine bottle or bottle of 25 Fl. oz. It's the perfect accessory to wear on a night out at home! Pair these wine caddy's with a bottle of wine, wine charms, cupcakes, or wine stoppers to make the perfect gift. 

Available at The Cake Boutique $29.99

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Budget Friendly Wedding Cakes

Searching for the perfect wedding cake can be tough especially finding one that fits into your budget. There are many things to keep in mind when trying to order a budget friendly wedding cake, such as, the more detailed and larger the cake is the more expensive it can be.  Below are a few suggestions in keeping cost down and still getting a beautiful wedding cake.

3 Tier Ruffle Cake
1 Accent Ruffle Tier

1. Simplify the design:
    If choosing a tiered cake consider trying an accent tier in the detailed design rather than doing all the tiers. Try to lesson the amount of hand-crafted, pipping details. 


3 Tier Buttercream Base
3 Tier Fondant Base

2. Choose Buttercream not Fondant:
   Fondant cakes are typically more expensive than a buttercream cakes. You can still get a similar look by keeping the design, but choosing a buttercream base cake.

Fresh flower covered Cake
Gum paste covered Cake

3. Fresh vs. Gum Paste
     Flowers on a wedding cake are always a popular design, but they can come with an expensive price tag. If you like the look of flowers choose fresh flowers compared to the labor intensive, hand crafted, pricey, gum paste flowers. 

Same Design 40 Servings
100 Servings
4. Scale Down the Size: 
    Rather than having a huge cake that will feed all of your guest scale down your design. Ordering a sheet cake to be in the back to be cut up when the cake is served is a easy way to cut your cake cost. If you like the look of the large cake choose to do some dummy cake tiers or a whole dummy cake with a side cake.