The Cake Boutique

The Cake Boutique

Friday, September 27, 2013

Cake Friday: Monster Spectacular

In honor of Halloween being right around the corner this weeks featured cake is a ......MONSTER!
This cake is perfect for not only the holiday, but made a great first birthday cake for a Monster themed party. 

First, rice krispies are rolled into balls,
which later become the monsters eyes.
Black circles are cut for the pupil of the eye.
White fondant is rolled out to cover the eye ball.
The pupil is attached....i see you :)
The base cake is covered in a bright electric blue.
Orange polka dots are added in various sizes.
Using an exacto knife, our decorator
free hands a mouth and teeth.
Using a smoother, the top tier is covered
in a spooktacular lime green.
Rolled out purple fondant is free hand
 cut into a "splat" formation.
The "splat" is attached with a
touch of water to the top tier.
Once the cake is stacked and doweled the mouth is
attached to the bottom tier with a touch of water.
Using water the lower eyeball is attached
 to the top of the bottom tier. 
A lime green rope is attached between
 the tiers to finish the cake off.
Eyelids are added to the top two eye balls.
A red piece of fondant is used to
create a tongue on the top tier.
Lastly, small green fondant hands
 are added between the two tiers.
The finished product! If this doesn't get you into
 the Halloween spooky spirit I don't know what will!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Boutique Chic: The Designer Coaster's

One of those items that everyone has and needs is a coaster. But it doesn't have to be bland or drab; why not have a beautiful designer coaster especially since it is one of those items that you use daily! These coasters truly define chic and are bright with beautiful patterns. They are not only beautiful but functional as well, as they are waterproof, heat-resitant, shatterproof, and washable(soap and water). Available at The Cake Boutique: prices range from $5.50-$33.99(set)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: The Perfect Grooms Cake

Silly, funny, sweet, or playful which ever way you slice it a grooms cake is a great addition to any wedding or rehearsal dinner. The grooms cake tradition originated in England in the Victorian era and became very popular in America, especially down south. During those times the grooms cake was cut and given to the guests to take home. The single women guest would put the slice of grooms cake under their pillow in hopes of dreaming about their future husbands. Although this part of the tradition has fizzled out, grooms cakes are still popular in american weddings.

If you have been on Pinterest lately(we all know you have) you will find many examples of grooms cakes that are funny and cute and some a little strange, but thats part of the charm and uniqueness of grooms cakes.

  • When: if you're planning to include a grooms cake first decide whether you are going to incorporate it at the wedding or during the rehearsal dinner. Some brides think it is great to have at the rehearsal dinner so it is the center piece and dessert on a night you don't already have a huge cake. However, it is great to have at your wedding so all your guests get to see it.
  • Finding a Bakery: In some instances you can order your grooms cake at the same bakery as your wedding cakes, however, not every bakery specialize in whimsical designs. When choosing a bakery ask to see samples of their past work and testimonials if available. Remember, to give yourself and the bakery enough time to plan your design. Although, most grooms cakes aren't as large in scale to the wedding cake, they can have detailed or time consuming elements.
  • Get Creative: Choose a theme that reflects your groom. Whether it be one of his hobbies, a reflection of his personality, his favorite things, or his favorite sport team, movie or tv show, pick something that is fun and creative.
  • Flavors: Traditionally, the wedding cakes where light(vanilla etc.) and the grooms cake dark(chocolate). Still many people choose to do their wedding cake in crowd pleasing flavors. But when it comes to the grooms cake these days try unique flavors. For instance, if he is a peanut butter fan choose a cake with PB filling! Not only can the outside of the cake be one of his favorites but so can the inside.

Your search for Mr. Right may be over but the search for the perfect grooms cake begins! Check out these examples:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Don't Wait!

In the world of reality television, beautiful, detailed, and huge cakes are created in a mer 30 minute episode. Although, these shows give an insight into what can be created out of cake they don't accurately portray the amount of man hours that go into creating these cakes. Therefore, many people don't understand the lead time bakeries need to create these works of art. I can't tell you how often people will call 2-3 days prior asking for a shaped cake or a 3d figurine of some sort on a cake. A figurine alone usually takes about 1-2 weeks to create. If you are looking for a special cake give your bakery as much notice as possible. Even if you aren't looking for a super special cake your bakery may still need 1-2 week notice for weekend dates. Especially, during holiday or wedding season many bakeries weekends book up very quickly.

We all understand that sometimes there are those last minute instances, where you weren't expecting to need a cake, but are in a bind. In these cases, remember to be flexible and reasonable with your requests.  A shaped cake or figurine might be out of the question, but other options could still represent your theme on a short time frame. Quite often, we will get a phone call from someone whom was having their cake made by an "at-home" baker and the plan fell through. Be sure these people are guaranteeing  you cake, you don't want to be left high and dry the week of your event because their mixer broke, they had an unexpected family emergency, or whatever their reason may be. When you need a cake, contact your bakery asap to get the process rolling so you can guarantee to give them enough notice to get what you are looking for!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Cake Friday: Chevron Chic

What 16 year old girl wouldn't want a killer sweet 16th birthday cake topped with glitter and bows?! This weeks cake of the week is just that! Working with a black, white, and teal color platte we created a small 3 tier for about 50 guests.

First our decorator used this chevron stencil
 to cut portions of chevron design.  

Using an sharp blade the chevron is trimmed.

Using a touch of water the chevron is applied to the middle
of the already 3 tier cake covered in white fondant. 

A rubber mold is used to create a black bead.

The beads are put between each tier
at the bases of the cakes.

After rolling out fondant each end is rolled
up in opposite directions to create a swirl. 

Teal fondant is rolled to make balls.

In an alternating pattern the swirls and balls
 are placed along the bottom of the cake.
Glitter is added to the teal balls to
 give this cake extra SPARKLE.
Black fondant is cut into 4 equal
pieces for the beginnings of a bow. 

Pinching the sides together the
 loops of the bow are created.

Paper towels are put into the loop of the bow to
help it hold it s shape during the drying process.

The center of the bow is created by pinching
 a piece of fondant along both sides. 

Lastly, the legs of the bow are cut into a "V" shape. 

A "Happy Birthday" banner and "16" placer
are added for the finishing touches!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Boutique Chic: Vintage Alphabet Plates

Each week I strive to find a unique, chic item to feature, when I came across Rosanna at the New York Gift Show this past August and saw these dishes I knew I had to have them at the Boutique and they would be perfect to feature on the blog! Each letter has its own unique design making them a fabulous gift whether you're giving someone one or multiple plate each will stand out on its own. I enjoy things that serve multi purposes. What is great about these plates is you could use them for keys, lose changes, jewelry, tea bags, dirty kitchen spoons, and they are even perfect for when you want to dip your bread in oil. Whether you pick an initial or spell a word, Alphabet Studio vintage plates are both giftable and adorable. Each gift box is one design(even the boxes are pretty!!!), made of porcelain, dishwasher safe and 4" x 2.75"

Great Wedding or House Warming Gift!

Tired of losing your keys...these are perfect!

Great spot to put jewelry while doing dishes or overnight!

These vintage looking plates are both pretty and purposeful!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Edible Favors

How many random wedding favors are sitting in the bottom of your junk drawer. Will you ever really use the CD of cheesy love songs, the single votive candle with no holder, or one lone coster with the couples photo of them.  No, but I can guarantee the cookie, cake pop or macaroon favors will be gobbled up probably before the night is even over! Edible favors are the way to go- these types of favors can be relatively budget friendly and will be eaten. Who doesn't love a sweet treat?!
Cake in a jar?!

Cute individually wrapped cookies!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Personalized Messages on Cakes

From shaped life size dogs, to roulette wheels, to minions and everything in-between. Cakes these days truly are works of art. When it comes to finishing touches some customers don't know what kind of message to put on a cake. In our experience, some cakes just don't need it! Or it can look super cute to just include the person of honors name or number of years of their birth or anniversary.
Take this cake for instance, such an elegant
cake a message would just take away from it.

For this engagement party cake a message just
 wasn't necessary this cakes design incorporated the
couples initials. 

For this cake we incorporated the birthday child's
 name and birthday age into the theme of the
 cake and was a great touch.

Another, example of a message that was incorporated
 into the Taste of Philadelphia theme.
When it comes to deciding whether or not to put a message on a cake consider the theme and if there is a way to work into the design. Also, ask your cake decorator their opinion of weather a message would take away from the overall design. Just remember keep these ideas in your mind the next time you order a cake, not all cakes need a message, but if you can think of a creative way to incorporate a message then go for it!!